What are the cooperation terms, what is the RevShare formula, what about the countries?

Answers to the most frequent questions you can find here.

I want to receive the money on a bank card, is that possible?

No problem, but we have several requirements that must be met:

  1. It is necessary to conclude a one-time contract with the company. The usual typical “IO” that will help us conduct and use banking services;
  2. At the end of the billing period, you must provide an invoice (or a check), which will indicate the exact amount of the commission for this period. If the amount does not match - unfortunately, such an invoice will not be accepted;
  3. Submit all necessary documentation prior to payment, which is due every Tuesday.
What about the billing periods? When can I get the money?

There are four options:

— every Monday (NET7);

— every two weeks (NET14);

— once a month (NET30);

— every two months (NET60).

The partner chooses the format that is convenient for him. You can always discuss emergency situations with your personal manager.

Promo codes? What can I give away to palyers for registration?

It is not always possible to post referral links, so you can use a promo code for registration, so that players will be linked to your account.

Please note that promo code takes precedence over the link. What does it mean? If a player follows the link of one partner, but applies the promo code from other partner, registration will be credited to the partner whose promo code was used.

To create a new promo code or edit an existing one, you need to go to the appropriate section ""Promo Codes"" and see that pleasant interface. The ""Add Promo Code"" button will help you with new ones, and the ""pencil"" in the ""Actions"" column will solve the problem with editing existing ones, if you suddenly make a mistake or forget to specify an offer or traffic source.

Cannot generate withdrawal request. Where is my money?

The payout (invoice) is generated on Monday if your earnings for the period exceeded 50 USD.

If the amount does not exceed this minimum threshold, the funds are transferred to the next billing period. Also, the payment is made only if there are at least 5 attracted and active players who have registered using your link or promotional code.

Branding materials for online publications? Banners, landing pages, and more?

Of course, we provide all the resources for convenient and comfortable work. The archive of advertising materials is constantly being updated, which you can use to acquire players. If you need something personalized, you can always discuss this with your affiliate program manager.

To get a link for a specific banner or view a proposed landing page you need to go to the ""Advertizing materials"" section, select the required material and click on in the ""Actions"" column. After choosing an offer, you will have the opportunity to view the result and receive a ready-made link for placement.

What if I want to withdraw funds to other bank details?

In the "Profile" section, you can always change your payment method at any convenient time.