How it Works

It's simple! SpinBet Partners affiliate program monetizes gambling traffic = you bring new players - we pay for them.

It is very easy to become our partner if you have a traffic source.

There are several payment models for the listed players: RS, CPA, and Hybrid.

RevShare (or RS) is a certain percentage of the net profit from players who register using your referral link or promo code.

It is the best option for long-term cooperation as RS provides income throughout the life cycle of the attracted player. The interest rate is dynamic, so it depends on the number of attracted players and reaches up to 50% of the profit per player.

Profit calculation formula:

NGR = [(Bets — Wins) — Casino Promotion (Bonuses) — (Payment System Commission — Royalty of the Casino)] * RevShare %, where:

  • NGR — Net Gaming Revenue, it is also the net income of the casino;
  • Casino Promotion (Bonuses) — all bonuses received by a player;
  • Payment System Commission — commission of payment systems;
  • Royalty of the Casino — the commission of the gaming provider;
  • RevShare % is your commission percentage.

30% is the initial percentage that you receive after registration. If the amount of FTD (First Time Deposit) for the reporting period is:

10 and less
from 11 to 20
from 21 to 30
from 31 to 40
41 and more

Also, the partner can be assigned a personalized commission as per the agreement with an affiliate program manager.

In the first month of cooperation, you are guaranteed to receive 50% of RS, the percentage of each subsequent month is calculated depending on the number of referred players in the previous month.

The most exciting thing is the payments. It is done every Tuesday or once a month - it's up to you. The withdrawal threshold for weekly payments is 1500 RUB or 30 USD, depending on the currency of your account. For payments once a month, the minimum amount is 5000 RUB or 100 USD.

Where is the information about the transfer of negative balance? It would be unfair not to write about it! Yes, indeed, there is the concept of NNCO (No Negative Carry Over), in the presence of which in the scheme, the entire negative balance that comes from players for a month does not pass to the next period. In other words, every month - from scratch, no downsides! You can always clarify more details with the affiliate program manager.

CPA (CPA or Cost Per Action) is a payment for each player who has taken a specific action. Such action is agreed on between the parties at the start of cooperation. This can be any conversion action: passing the baseline or fulfilling a KPI. The price depends on the agreed conditions (CPA model), the geography of a particular offer, as well as the traffic source.

The situation is slightly different when it comes to payments. A certain Hold period is discussed for such a model, which usually lasts from 7 to 21 days. This means that funds can be withdrawn only after a certain (agreed) time, after the confirmation of the lead generation. Payment is made only for high-quality traffic, all the conditions for determining "quality" can be discussed with the affiliate program manager.

You can learn more about all CPA offers on the «Offers» page.

Hybrid — RevShare and CPA in one method. The conditions of both models are met, you get both a percentage of the income and payment for the target action. Isn't that a miracle ?!

Do you still have questions? We can always discuss them.